Vector Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Distributed Generator Allocation

Sara Molazei, Mahmoud Oukati Sadegh


In recent years Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) have been used in solving many numerical optimization problems and their strengths and weaknesses are identified and new strategies for improving them are provided. This paper presents the Vectors Swarm Optimization (VSO) Algorithm for the placement of Distributed Generators (DGs) in the radial distribution systems to reduce the real power losses and to improve the voltage profile. A tow-step procedure is used for the optimal DG placement method. In the first step, single DG placement method is used to fine the optimal DG locations and in the second step, VSO algorithm is used to find the size of the DGs corresponding to maximum loss reduction. The proposed method is tested on standard IEEE 33-bus test system and the results are presented. The proposed method has overcome the other methods in terms of the quality of solution and computational efficiency.


Vector Swarm Optimization (VSO); Distributed Generator (DG); Loss reduction; radial distribution system; capital and operational costs

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