Comparative Analysis Between Robust SMC & Conventional PI Controllers Used in WECS Based on DFIG

Mohammed Fdaili, Ahmed Essadki, Tamou Nasser


In this paper, we present a direct and indirect stator powers control schemes of a doubly fed induction generator based wind energy conversion system (WECS), using a Proportional-Integrated (PI) and sliding mode (SMC) controllers. The classical PI controllers present many limitations due to the nonlinearity of the DFIG model. Therefore, in order to improve the system performances, a new algorithm that combines the nonlinear sliding mode control approach and field orientation scheme applied to the DFIG converters (e.g. rotor side converter and the grid side converter) is developed. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and the pitch angle algorithm control are used to extract the maximum power and to protect the wind turbine system from overloading respectively. The performances of the proposed controllers system were tested, analyzed and compared in dynamic and static regime by using Matlab/Simulink.

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PI controller; sliding mode control; doubly fed induction generator; wind energy conversion system; MPPT algorithm control; pitch angle.

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