Power Quality Improvement by Solar Photo-voltaic / Fuel Cell Integrated System Using Unified Power Quality Conditioner



The  real problems in diminution of power quality occurs due to the rapid growth of nonlinear load are leads to sudden decrease of source voltage for a few seconds  i.e sag, swell, harmonics in source and load current, voltage unbalance etc. All these   problems can be compensated by using Unified Power Quality Controller (UPQC) and the operation of UPQC depends upon the available voltage across capacitor present in dc link. If the capacitor voltage is maintained constant then it gives satisfactory performance. The proposed research is basically on designing of Photo Voltaic (PV) /Fuel cell fed to the dc link capacitor of UPQC so as to maintain proper voltage across it and operate the UPQC for power quality analysis. The proposed technique is the combination of shunt and series Active Power Filter (APF) to form UPQC which is fed from PV and fuel cell system and connected to grid better response in the output. The said model is simulated in Matlab and results are verified by using First Fourier Transfer (FFT) analysis. In this paper, the simulation model of series, shunt, UPQC, PV-UPQC and Fuel cell with UPQC are design in Matlab software. In case of shunt active filter the “d-q theory” and hysteresis current controller is proposed as its control technique and park’s transformation is used for series active filter with hysteresis voltage controller is proposed as its control technique. The UPQC model is design by back to back connection of series and shunt active filter. The proposed PV/Fuel cell-UPQC is design for reduction of voltage sag, swell, interruption of voltage, harmonics in load current and compensation of active and reactive power.

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Unified Power Quality Conditioner; Fuel cell; Power quality; Solar PV; Harmonics.

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