Simulation and Experimental Validation of Multicarrier PWM Techniques for Three-phase Five-Level Cascaded H-bridge with FPGA Controller

Giuseppe Schettino, Salvatore Benanti, Concettina Buccella, Massimo Caruso, Vincenzo Castiglia, Carlo Cecati, Antonino Oscar Di Tommaso, Rosario Miceli, Pietro Romano, Fabio Viola


The FPGA represents a valid solution for the design of control systems for inverters adopted in many fields of power electronics because of its high flexibility of use. This paper presents an overview and an experimental validation of the MC SPWM techniques for a three-phase, five-level, cascaded H-Bridge inverter with FPGA controller-based. Several control algorithms are implemented by means of the VHDL programming language and the output voltage waveforms obtained from the main PWM techniques are compared in terms of THD%. Simulation and experimental results are analyzed, compared and discussed.

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Multilevel Power Converter, PV systems, grid connected, FPGA, VHDL.

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