Performance Comparison of Parabolic and Flat Plate Solar Collectors Utilizing in the Heating System of a Room-An Experimental Investigation

Farnaz Jamadi, Mohammad Javad Arabpour, Morteza Abdolzadeh


In the present study, two solar heating systems, including flat plate solar collector (FPC) and parabolic solar collector (PTC) for heating a room were experimentally studied and compared with each other. For doing this, an experiment was conducted in the winter and the performance of these two systems was first measured and then compared with each other. It should be mentioned that the PTC system was manufactured and tested in this study. The ambient temperature, solar radiation intensity, and working fluid temperature in different locations of the two heating systems were measured. The results showed that the PTC solar heating system has higher collector and total efficiencies compared to the FPC heating system. The total efficiencies of the FPC and PTC systems were 6% and 12%, respectively. It was also indicated that the PTC system with lower occupied space can produce higher thermal energy quality compared to the FPC heating system. It was also concluded that the PTC solar heating system is very suitable and efficient to utilize in the heating system of the building.

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parabolic trough collector, flat plat collector, solar energy, solar heating system.

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