Using DGUPFC to Control the Voltage of Multi-Feeder Smart Distribution System

Youcef BOT, A. Allali


This paper presents a new method for the voltage regulation of a medium voltage radial distribution network (MV) in the presence of the distributed generation units (DG). This method based of the coordinated between action of the on-load tap-changer (OLTC) in the transformer and of the static hybrid power compensator by DGUPFC. The control of the system voltage with the OLTC action is one of the old most common ways in the regulate of MV systems voltage. However, the OLTC circuit cannot be used to regulate the voltage of several long distribution feeders with DG units. In this study, the OLTC problem of using for voltage regulation of a feeder distribution will be solved using the reactive power compensation at the connected DGUPFC bus. The results of the simulation show that the proposed control technic is able to maintaining the system voltage in the allowed band in the worst-case scenarios test.

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