A Hybrid Firefly-Asymmetrical Fuzzy Logic Controller based MPPT for PV-Wind-Fuel Grid Integration

Neeraj Priyadarshi, Amarjeet Kumar Sharma, Faarooque Azam


In this research paper, a firefly asymmetrical fuzzy logic controller (FAFLC) based unified maximum power point tracking (MPPT) hybrid controller is proposed for grid connected power system. It is a combination of solar, wind and fuel based energy power system. The FAFLC based heuristics optimized MPPT algorithm depends on intensity of light followed by inverse square law which improves the dynamic uncertainty under complex and transient weather conditions. Also duty ratio of the cuk converter has been decided according to the position of firefly. The proposed MPPT controller works efficiently in dynamic conditions like variable solar irradiance, hydrogen consumption and wind speed which tracks high power and able to find global maximum power point (MPP). The experimental validation has been done through dSPACE DS 1104 real time control board.

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