Seawater PHES to Facilitate Wind Power Integration in Dry Coastal Areas – Duqm Case Study

Mohammed H. Albadi, A. S. Al-Busaidi, E. F. El-Saadany


Currently, the contribution of renewable energy resources, such as wind power, in power systems is increasing in large, interconnected systems. However, the intermittent nature of renewable energy poses a profound challenge to power system operation and planning. Using energy storage systems can facilitate wind power integration in isolated systems. Pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) plants are by far the most established technology for energy storage on a large-scale. In dry coastal areas, seawater PHES can be used to facilitate the integration of large scale renewable energy resources. In Oman, the potential of renewable energy resources has not been exploited yet. This article presents a techno-economic evaluation case study of using a combined wind power and PHES power plant to highlight its economic feasibility. PHES systems can enable higher penetration of renewable energy in isolated systems, therefore reducing the dependency on fossil fuels.

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Wind Power; Energy Storage; Pumped Hydro Energy Storage; Techno-economic Evaluation; Isolated Power System.

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