Cotton Seed Biodiesel as Alternative Fuel: Production and Its Characterization Analysis Using Spectroscopic Studies

Hariram Venkatesan, Godwin John J, Seralathan Sivamani


Biodiesel production from cotton seed oil and its characterization is focussed in this experimental investigation. As the FFA content is less than 2%, base catalysed transesterification process is adopted with methanol and potassium hydroxide as solvents. The transesterification process is optimized by varying the methanol to oil molar ratio and catalyst concentration with standard operating parameters. By this process, 93% of biodiesel is obtained. The biodiesel is subjected to Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry analysis which revealed the presence of linoleic acid as the major constituent. Fourier transform Infra-Red and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectral studies attributed the GC/MS data confirming the presence of fatty acid methyl esters.

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Cotton seed biodiesel; transesterification; GC/MS; FTIR; NMR

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