Comprehensive Assessment and Mitigation of Harmonic Resonance in Smart Distribution Grid with Solar Photovoltaic

Pramod Kumar Bhatt, S. Y. Kumar


This paper investigates the potential resonance phenomenon between the solar photovoltaic (PV) and the distribution system components. The output of solar PV inverter is connected to the LC or LCL filters to alleviate the harmonics. Additionally, the transformers, capacitor banks, and cables are invariably used in power system. These inductive and capacitive elements can excite harmonic resonance by interacting with the system impedance. The objective of this paper is to analyze the harmonic resonance with solar PV integrated smart distribution system under varying network conditions. The paper investigates the effect of inverter output filter, weak/strong grid, cable length, and capacitor sizing on the harmonic resonance. The end goal is to examine the harmonic resonance by varying the system parameters and its harmful outcome, such as dangerous over voltage at the various buses. Finally a control strategy is proposed to mitigate the effect of harmonic resonance. It is expected that the future smart power grid will witness more share of solar PV, therefore, the harmonic resonance between grid elements and inverters will be a great issue of concern. In order the meet the objective of such grid, the delayed recognition of harmonics and resonance may lead to high cost solution.

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Harmonics; total harmonic distortion (THD); harmonic resonance; grid integrated solar PV; smart grid distribution system, C-Type passive filter.

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