Design and Analysis of Dual Output Flyback Converter for Standalone PV/Battery System

Dr. Jayalakshmi N. S., Dr. D. N. Gaonkar, Amrut Naik


In this paper, the design and control of Photovoltaic/battery system using a flyback converter for stand-alone applications is presented. A flyback converter is used to get DC output along with an AC output for high frequency applications without employing an inverter. The PV/battery system uses photovoltaic array as the main source of power and a battery as the storage device. The energy input of the PV system is effectively utilized by adopting an MPPT technique and the storage battery is controlled to balance the load requirements using a bi-directional dc-dc converter. This system ensures that the load demand is satisfied under varying solar irradiance conditions and a constant voltage is maintained for different load conditions. The modelling and control strategy of the implemented system is realized in MATLAB/Simulink environment.

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PV system, flyback converter, MPPT controller, battery storage, battery controller

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