Design, Dimensioning, and Installation of Isolated Photovoltaic Solar Charging Station in Tungurahua, Ecuador

Alverto Rios Villacorta, Jesús Israel Guamán, Carlos Luis Vargas, Mario Garcia Carrillo


In this article the process of design, sizing and installation of the first solar photovoltaic electric vehicle charging station isolated from Ecuador is described. The construction of solar electric vehicle charging station is framed within the concern of the Ecuadorian State to promote the integration of renewable energies in urban transport and in isolated areas of the country. In this sense, the electric vehicle charging station is revealed as a prototype that been allowed the standardization of the technical characteristics of solar photovoltaic materials to be used in a set of photovoltaic isolated rural projects in different provinces of country. In addition, an optimized design of this solar photovoltaic electric vehicle charging station can be installed in the Galápagos Islands, allowing address the problem of land transport in the islands with the use of massified renewable technologies currently technically and economically very competitive.

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photovoltaic solar, electrolinera, charging station, Inverter Two.

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