An Accurate Modeling of Photovoltaic System for Uniform and Non-Uniform Irradiance

Debashisha Jena, Vanjari Venkata Ramana


Efficient modeling and simulation of photovoltaic (PV) systems has become more important due to the wide integration of solar energy in modern power systems.  The equations describing the PV systems are transcendental, non-linear in nature, resulting in a slow and inefficient simulations for long-term analysis. This paper proposes a modified approach of modeling photovoltaic array for uniform and non-uniform irradiance condition. Initially for uniform irradiance condition, single diode model is used as equivalent circuit. An approach based on adaptively varying the value of series resistance is proposed to find the equivalent circuit parameters. The proposed model is simulated using MATLAB and results are validated with the experimental results obtained from the datasheet values and other models in the literature. The model is extended for non-uniform irradiance and the results are validated. The proposed model is more effective  by adaptively varying the value of series resistance in order to decrease the computational burden and  increase the level of accuracy.

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Modeling; uniform irradiance; non-uniform irradiance; photovoltaic (PV) array

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